Commit ea420f01 authored by Laurent Sittler's avatar Laurent Sittler ©

feat(doc): update documentation from Doc generator

parent 1ad352f5
......@@ -14,9 +14,16 @@ None. You cannot pipe objects to Update-Month.ps1.
None. Update-Month.ps1 does not generate any output.
C:\PS> Invoke-MdDocs -outputFile 'C:\temp\' -scriptFile 'C:\temp\script.ps1'
C:\PS> Invoke-MdDocs.ps1 -outputFile 'C:\temp\' -scriptFile 'C:\temp\script.ps1'
C:\PS> Invoke-MdDocs.ps1 -outputFile 'C:\temp\' -scriptFile 'C:\temp\script.ps1' -template 'C:\temp\custom-md.eps'
B# Invoke-MdDocs
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