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## [0.0.1]( (2019-05-11)
# [1.0.0]( (2019-05-11)
### Bug Fixes
* **bash:** path to sppkg file ([888072a](
* **build:** clientsideinstance case sensitive ([0d50784](
* **build:** local build ([4b0ccef](
* **build:** rename clientsideinstance ([de4f3ab](
* **build:** rollback delete sharepoint folder ([e91b0c9](
* remove iconPath cause of external URL not supported ([2a71d79](
### Features
* add iconPath to display Matomo logo by default ([e103e8a](
* **bash:** add support error msg ([fb14f81](
* **bash:** check the sppkg file existence as prerequisites and change trackingID to trackingSiteId ([ce54091](
* **CI:** add Auto Build and Update Changelog from Pipeline ([20e64d2](
* **CI:** remove environment ([10dcdc2](
* **documentation:** update readme ([55ee5fb](
* **documentation:** update readme ([647f284](
* **documentation:** update readme in accordance with changes trackingID to trackingSiteId ([b852bec](
* **PowerShell:** change trackingID to trackingSiteId ([a1c5929](
* **provisioning:** add script to deploy Matomo Analytics easily ([a37740f](
* add Matomo script template base ([b8902af](
* support partial page load ([f9a851d](
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